Stem Club
Christy Leopard

Christy Leopard


Field Trips
  • April 5th to Wallace State- STEM will compete in an AMSTI competition (bridge building).

Stem is a club where students can come together to perform challenges and activities that will help students improve teamwork, critical thinking skills, and increase their knowledge in these four areas. Stem is for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and anyone can join at the beginning of the school year with a signed permission slip and payment of $ 15.00 club fee. 


Christy Leopard

Cynthia Bates

Pam Fowler

Christine Ake

Gleelrica Petty

STEM meets every other Friday during advisory time and once per month after school. STEM club recently hosted the 2nd Annual STEM Science Fair,  IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!